The writer that taught me to never give up

Tina Simpson
3 min readOct 8, 2021

And it’s the last person you would think….

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“I am so tired of writing for no one”

The delicate balance between staying true to my style, and writing for everyone else other than myself, hangs ominously over my head while I grapple once again with the idea of stealing my time back, from this passion of mine.

I reach this pinnacle time and time again when competing for attention in the online world.

First, it was Facebook and my friends list. Then I as I matured, it was an online business and social media. Now that I have graduated away from entrepreneurship, I write for myself.

I find myself continually lingering over followers and wonder what is wrong with me.

Then I came across it…

An article, written by a fellow Medium writer.

This article was inarticulate. The grammar was poor, and there was no structure or flow to the content he was writing about. I floated through his profile, and one thing was consistent — his writing was nothing I would ever share.

The irony of my discovery did not escape me; he caught my attention.

The feeling inside was as if I was looking at an accident — I just couldn’t look away. I was offered insight into a life of negativity and drama, a simpler mind processing the world around him.

This fleeting glimpse offered me the genius of letting go of my preconceptions of what it meant to be considered a writer.

He had triple the amount of followers that I did.


My first thought was that I should just give up and walk away. How can this person have so many followers on a writing platform, when there were numerous spelling errors and the most basic of grammatical errors? I know I am no angel and often also make mistakes, but this was writing at a level that I am very sure was a clear indicator that he did not graduate high school (no judgement).

I shut my laptop, and as I pondered my own fate, I wondered once again if I was just a terrible writer.

Tina Simpson

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