The Devastating Power of the Word

Tina Simpson
4 min readDec 30, 2022

And how to survive hostility in an increasingly socially connected world

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A close friend of mine is going through a very public attack in a small community. I can’t get into the gory details to protect his privacy, but I can tell you for sure that he doesn’t deserve this very serious accusation that has been presented to the local authorities against him.

His friends know him and we truly believe that he has been put into a situation that is slanderous and malicious.

Unfortunately by the time the law catches up, the fire has been lit and the destruction will continue to reign through many pillars of his life. It takes the strongest soul to be able to hold their head up high through a social attack like this.

Here are some tips that have helped him get through this, one day at a time:

5 of the Most Important Tips for Surviving Social Attacks

  1. I think the first thing to remember when faced with a situation like this where someone is accusing you of something that you didn’t do, or their version of events is skewed by emotion, is to connect with those around you who can reinforce the positive aspects of your life. This is especially important because there will be times during this roller coaster, that you question your worth. Hold your head up high and surround yourself with love.
  2. Stay calm. The biggest mistake I see in my profession as an Outreach Worker for survivors of abuse, is emotional retaliation. This tactic only PROVES that you lack control. When you are under public scrutiny for anything, your biggest defence is to remain calm and prove that you can maintain full control even under the torrent of unfair prosecution. Time almost always reveals the truth.
  3. Get professional help. This is especially true for anything that has legal consequences. A lawyer or any other professional can help you keep the important details organized, and prepared into a timeline of events that will eventually be useful when its your turn to tell your version of events. Jumping the gun in trying to proclaim your innocence may hinder your progress. Timing is everything.
  4. Adopt healthy outlets to relieve stress. Depending on the severity of the…



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